From crazy to quiet What have you experienced in sharing bicycles this year?

Issuing time:2018-11-23 00:00

From September 2016, the term “shared bicycle” began to appear in the public's field of vision, and quickly became popular. “Net red bicycle” once became a symbol of its popularity. In June 2017, the shared bicycles began to appear as exiters, and the recent towns, bicycles, small blue bicycles, and cool bicycles have closed down. However, during the one-year period, the exit of the shared bicycle company, the merger of mergers and acquisitions, and the collapse of the bankruptcy, what have happened during this period?

The sharing of the bicycle war officially started, which began with Mobai entering Beijing.

On September 1, Mobye announced its entry into the Beijing market with an initial investment of 2,000 vehicles. Subsequently, ofo announced the completion of the $130 million Series C financing of Didi Investment, and announced on October 10 that it would leave the campus and enter the city business, confronting Mobai.

After entering Beijing, Moby took the concept of “shared bicycles”. At that time, regardless of the media, paper media or TV media, they had reported on the sharing of bicycles. From September 23, Yuba bicycle announced that it had won the angel round of financing. Moby, ofo and Xiaoming bicycles also announced financing. In 18 days, the total financing amount exceeded 1.6 billion yuan, almost equivalent to every day. 100 million yuan entered the industry.

The pursuit of capital has also stimulated small entrepreneurs to eagerly try. For a time, red, yellow, green, blue, purple and other shared bicycles appeared on the street. The competition was fierce, and the slobber of ofo and Mobai also made the industry topical. Until the beginning of this year, the industry entered the middle and backcourt, and players like riding bicycles entered the game.

The addition of giants makes the entire industry echelon more obvious, Mobai fully access WeChat, ofo settled in Alipay, sharing bicycles is no longer simply a contest between "rainbow cars", Moby, ofo duopoly, stay There are fewer opportunities for other platforms.

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