Why once you learn to ride a bicycle, you will never forget

Issuing time:2018-11-23 00:00

We have learned to ride a bicycle at a very young age, from the beginning to maintain the balance of the body, to ride on the car and lap a circle or two, do not know how many times after the fall, slowly, then can Skilled in mastering the skills of cycling, have any friends who have had this experience have such an idea, after learning to ride a bicycle, why can they be permanently maintained, and will not forget for a long time?

Most of us learned to ride a bicycle when we were a child, under the careful guidance of adults. With the development of science and technology, electric cars, motorcycles, cars, buses, and subways have entered our lives a little bit. Bicycles are eliminated in our lives by a fast pace of life, because bicycles are faster than electric cars and cars. It's a lot slower, and many of us haven't had a bike ride since childhood. Fortunately, the green travel that is now advocated, the green life, the bicycle has regained his value, and the public bicycles on both sides of the road have gradually been accepted by everyone.

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